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Real Assets Devotees:
Gold-Backed Real World Asset

Ideal for investors seeking stability and long-term value preservation

Discover the perfect blend of digital convenience and tangible value with our gold-backed stablecoin, PaxGold. This innovative investment product is pegged to the value of physical gold, merging the advantages of digital and traditional assets. Experience seamless digital transactions while maintaining exposure to gold's inherent worth. Our Real Asset Devotees offering is tailored for investors seeking a balanced approach to stability and long-term value preservation.

We offer you

The best of digital & tangible

Invest in tokenized physical gold, combining the best of digital and tangible Real World Assets.

Wealth preservation

Preserve wealth and hedge against inflation with an asset that has stood the test of time.


Enjoy the convenience of digital transactions while gaining exposure to gold's intrinsic value.

Negligible costs

Negligible transaction costs and minimal premiums on buying and selling.

Balance stability & value preservation

Suitable for investors seeking a balance between stability and long-term value preservation.