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Stability Seekers

Invest in carefully selected stablecoins

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Growth Pursuers

Invest in the potential of the top 20 volatile crypto assets

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Real-Assets Devotees

Invest in tokenized physical gold, combining the best of digital and tangible Real World Assets

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Why Heartland?


A team of professionals with a deep understanding of the financial industry, blockchain technology, and data analytics. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and guidance to ensure your success.


We are a member of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. We have experience working with some of the largest companies in the Netherlands like Axiom Partners, Circle 8 and Cannock.


We seamlessly merge traditional finance and decentralized finance, focusing on B2B clients with user-friendly products and groundbreaking tokenized Real World Assets.

Trusted Infrastructure Providers

We offer Yield Management that combines the best of traditional and Decentralized Finance

About us

We deliver cutting-edge solutions, combining traditional and decentralized finance, to offer institutional investors unparallelled investment opportunities. By bridging the gap between old and new finance, we empower institutions to navigate digital assets and thrive in the evolving financial ecosystem.